Portimão and Ferragudo

Ferragudo is a traditional fishing town located on the Arade Estuary on the opposite side of Portimão. The small town offers some great waterfront fish restaurants and is a stopping point on some eight-hour cruises.

Ferragudo is a cute fishing village on the east side of the Arade River. Private yachts usually come here to get away from windy days. This sheltered area provides a great spot for swimming and having some fun with the SUP.

Traditional urban planning, in which the town grows steeply all along the slope, has helped the town keep its historic character and rare beauty, which can be seen in the way the Arade River winds through the lacy cliffs and forms beautiful beaches.

On the south side of Ferragudo, you will see the Lighthouse (Ponta do Altar) and the beautiful Praia dos Carneiros.

On the other side of the Arade River is the city of Portimão, a major port.
The city's historic district, lively marina, and proximity to beautiful beaches all contribute to its fame.

On an 8-hour trip, we can reach this area and have lunch at one of the best seafood restaurants along the coast.

Which restaurant do you recommend for lunch in Ferragudo?

Borda do Cais is our number 1 choice. 

This is a real and traditional restaurant, situated on the water's edge and surrounded by fishing boats and lobster pots!

Despite the fact that the restaurant specialises in fish and shellfish, the menu includes other options. Yet, if you enjoy seafood, you will discover a kind of paradise on earth here. Fish doesn't get any fresher than this!

Of course, if this option is not appealing to you, we can always find another option in this area.