Praia da Falesia
Red cliffs meet golden sands and azure ocean

Praia da Falesia is a beach beginning in Vilamoura and stretching through some dramatic and colourful beach and cliff landscapes. The red rocks and golden sands offer some wonderful contrasts.

There are more than six kilometers of beach at Praia da Falésia. It begins in Vilamoura, in the east, and continues to Olhos de Agua, near Albufeira, in the west.

Along the beach, you can find plenty of bars and restaurants located on the beach itself. Also, during the summer, Praia da Falésia hosts numerous sunset parties that gathers a lot of people every single day.

The beach sand is so fine and smooth. The water in the ocean is clear and pristine.
On a steamy summer day, cooling off in the water here is a must.

The cliff at the western end is high but pliable and made of sand and clay. Over time, rain has easily eroded it into a number of winding grooves and deep gullies.
There is a steady decline in cliff height to the east, and it is still severely eroded.
Indeed, it is this erosion that maintains the beach's sandy texture.

At the base of these cliffs, small sand cones are forming, which is perfect for dune plants like sea daffodils, sea bindweed, spiny thrift, Cretan trefoil, and sea holly to grow.
These vibrant species coexist with the typically monochromatic cliff vegetation, primarily Mediterranean saltbush.

Can i walk from Vilamoura to Olhos de Água on the beach?

Sure, it is doable. Between Olhos de Agua and Vilamoura, walk the entirety of the beach. The round trip should take approximately 2 hours. Just keep an eye on the tidal timetable. There are a few spots along the beach where the high tide is likely to get your feet wet, especially near the western end.