28 Jan

Vilamoura Marina Expansion in 2024

A new chapter is unfolding in Vilamoura, the crown jewel of Portugal's Algarve coast. Spearheaded by Arrow Global, the owner of Vilamoura World, the town is undergoing a transformative revival. An investment of €500 million signals the start of a new epoch for Vilamoura, promising to blend luxury living with eco-friendly advancements, heralding a new standard for resort living.

Revitalizing Vilamoura

This substantial investment by Arrow Global marks a pivotal turning point for Vilamoura. The comprehensive plan is set to streamline the ownership of pivotal assets and boost their development, propelling Vilamoura into a realm of unparalleled prominence. This initiative positions Vilamoura as a premier European destination for residency, tourism, and investment.

Marina Expansion: A Nautical Renaissance

Vilamoura Marina, Portugal's pride and a multiple-time winner of the world's best marina, is at the forefront of this rejuvenation. The expansion involves integrating an additional 68 berths designed for larger vessels, augmenting the marina's current 825 berths. This expansion is a clear indication of Vilamoura's commitment to accommodating the evolving needs of the global sailing community and bolstering its stature in the nautical world.

Broadening Vilamoura's Horizons

The revitalization extends to Vilamoura's sprawling 500,000 sqm land area. The development strategy includes crafting diverse residential spaces, offering a variety of living options to prospective residents and investors.Further, the relaunch focuses on enriching Vilamoura's array of leisure activities. This involves revitalizing existing hotels and golf courses, enhancing the famous equestrian center, and establishing state-of-the-art sports facilities for professionals and local residents alike.

A Future-Focused Vision

Pedro Reimão, CEO of Vilamoura World, paints a picture of a multifaceted Vilamoura, offering a range from cosmopolitan flair near the Marina to the serene environs of the environmental park and golf courses. João Bugalho, CEO of Arrow Global Portugal, underscores this vision, emphasizing a holistic enhancement of Vilamoura's leisure and lifestyle offerings.

Commitment to Sustainability and the Community

This redevelopment journey of Vilamoura is rooted not just in luxury but in a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and community welfare. The town is endowed with a 200-hectare environmental park, featuring vineyards and abundant trails for leisurely walks and cycling, showcasing a dedication to environmental care and community enrichment.

As Vilamoura, a destination that annually attracts millions and is home to a vast community of property owners, embarks on this significant transformation, it is poised to redefine itself as a more enticing destination worldwide. This major overhaul, including the marina's expansion and comprehensive enhancements to infrastructure and leisure facilities, marks the beginning of a new era in Vilamoura's history, one characterized by luxury, ecological mindfulness, and a community-centric approach.